Our Practice

Our building was built in 1987-88. What a chore! Who knew so many guidelines had to be met? But in the end, it was all worth it! We have an extensive exhaust system throughout our clinic that results in complete air exchanges occurring every 10 minutes throughout our entire clinic with the exception of the surgical suite where the air exchange occurs every 8 minutes! (If you think your hydro bill is bad – you should see ours!) This allows us to benefit from a cleaner healthier environment for people and pets. We also have an extensive pipeline of oxygen, carefully hidden from view behind the ceiling tiles, to deliver oxygen to the surgical suite, incubation area and dentistry area. Another air system draws excess anesthetic gases away from our employees in these areas. The blueprints of these air systems resembled a ball of string at the mercy of a litter of playful kittens.

Throughout our clinic, we have incorporated surface areas that meet our licensing body’s guidelines. These surfaces are designed to allow disinfecting solutions to easily sanitize floors, kennels, cages, counter tops, lower portions of walls, and exam tables. The surfaces are smooth and sometimes slippery to pets, however it is these features which help make them impervious to viruses and bacteria.

During the construction stage of our clinic, we had to consider the noise produced by our clientele-barking dogs. In order to keep on good terms with our fellow neighbors, our walls contain additional features to reduce the likelihood of noise transfer.

AAHA ACCREDITATION: Our hospital has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Across the United States, less than 18 percent of the small animal veterinary hospitals are accredited AAHA members. Accredited hospitals must meet high standards of services and equipment in order to qualify for American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation. These standards apply to: emergency services, surgery and anesthesia, radiology services, pathology services, nursing care, pharmacy, dentistry, examination facilities, pet medical records, medical library, housekeeping and maintenance.