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    Smile! February is National Pet Dental Health Month

    Jan 29 2015

    February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Why a whole month to talk about teeth? Consider: …

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    99 Lives to Improve Feline Medicine

    Jan 22 2015

    The 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative has set out to do what has been done with humans, rats, mice, and dogs – to map out the feline genome. …

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    10 Reasons to Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

    Jan 15 2015

    January is National Train Your Dog Month! Dogs aren’t born knowing what you want, so training is a very important part of helping your dog to become a member of the family. …

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    New Year’s Resolutions for your Pets

    Jan 08 2015

    Tis the season for goal setting. You might want to include your pets in New Year’s Resolutions – what changes would he or she aim for to be a healthier, happier friend? …

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    10 Holiday Specials to Watch With Your Pets

    Dec 24 2014

    Tis the season for television specials! While there are countless different shows and movies to choose from, naturally, we love the ones about animals. We’ve put together a list of 10 just off the…

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    Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

    Dec 18 2014

    A survey from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) found that 78% of pet owners will likely buy their pet Christmas presents this year. There are so many great products available for pets,…

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    5 "Tails" of Heroism from 2014

    Dec 11 2014

    Everyone loves a great tale of heroism – especially when the heroes have tails. Every year there are dozens of animals who perform great feats without any hesitation. Here are just 5 from the past…