Aug 04 2017

Dogs and Pools

Friends! It’s Skip here again! Interesting topic I’d like to bat around today, especially to my fellow felines. I’ll give you a baseline first. Here at my house we have a pool…right? You will NEVER believe what I witnessed the other day. A CANINE …JUMPED…STRAIGHT INTO THAT IMMENSE BODY OF WATER!!! Now HOW can they enjoy that!? I mean, really, that water is just so…watery! They just dive right in! If I had to go in, I better be heavily equipped with my fishy-designed floaters AND a raft…oh and my tail better not even get a sprinkle of that water. Even at that, good luck getting me in without a little tussle, am I right felines?

Recently I heard this rumor that my pool actually HELPS other furry friends. In fact, I heard that this pool has many uses; from retrieving that tennis ball those canines call a “toy” (if you can even call it that without a mouse in the middle) to physical therapy for our other companions. The ball is present when the dog is from boarding doing pool time—a beneficial service for dogs that need to get more exercise or get some of their energy out. It’s a load of fun for them if they want to be in the water, and a cool experience to try out for beginner swimmers! On another note, physical therapy seems like quite a rewarding experience for everyone! The owners get the satisfaction of knowing they are helping their best friend, the patient works its way to better health, the phenomenal staff that goes in with the animals are doing exactly what they love—helping—and the employees inside have a view of the help being given and are happy they’re able to aid in the wellbeing of those pets that come to us.

Personally I would NEVER do that, then again I’m just a cat, those dogs sure show the thrill factor when THEY go out. I don’t understand the thrilling nor relaxing concept. Many felines might agree we are superior species and are much too sophisticated for such “games” and chasing a ball over and over just to have it thrown again. OOH! IS THAT A MOUSE ON A STRING?! Shhh…I must capture it…

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