“We were prompted to seek South West Veterinary Care Center just to establish care for our two cats, Monte and Molly. We had been to 2 or 3 vets in the Cape Coral area and preferred not to go back to them, either because they were so over-the-top expensive or they didn’t appear to really care for the animals they serviced. We can tell the difference between if someone is just doing a job or if they really have a passion for it. Well, we found the passion at your clinic. You have a genuine desire for the best possible care of the pets that you treat and that seems really obvious to both of us.

We were amazed at how happy and friendly the whole staff seems to be. When anyone handled one of our cats, we could see how gently and patiently they did it. The exams seemed to be very thorough, and what is the best part about the experience is that the vet tech and Dr. King really listened to us describe the habits of these cats and their condition on a day-to-day basis so they could make the best diagnosis possible. All owners of pets know them better than anyone else, and the skill of paying attention to what pet owners say when the say they notice a slight change in behavior is most important, as cats seems to hide illness well. When the exams were done, we were very pleased to get printed report cards for each of the cats. I think both our cats benefited from the extremely gentle handling they receive when they are there. Molly is so shy and the loving hands that touched her made her situation seem not so bad, or at least that was how we assessed the situation.

If any potential client is on the fence about taking their pet to South West, if they asked us we would say by all means go and give it a try. We think you will find that this vet clinic is sort of a “different animal,” so to speak, and extraordinarily patient, kind, gentle and accurate in their assessments and diagnoses.”

Laurie Jaeger & Marc Stripsky


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