Preventive Wellness

Did you know that pets age approximately five to seven times faster than humans do? For this reason, we have decided to implement a new program for all dogs and cats 7 years of age and older (this is the age that the doctors are recommending having the screening done however if you want it done on a younger pet, feel free to discuss this with the doctor). This program will be called Preventive Wellness. Many illnesses’ that commonly affect our pets begin as they age, such as renal disease, liver disease, thyroid disease and arthritis. If we can detect illness early, treatment might be more effective and less costly. We want to help you keep your four legged family member around as long as possible and feel that if we start running routine lab work we will be able to do this.

We started the Preventive Wellness Program in July 2012. At your pet’s next annual distemper vaccine you will receive a handout about the tests recommended for Preventative Wellness. The diagnostic tests recommended will depend on your pet’s age, health history, and physical exam findings. The Preventative Wellness testing when performed with the annual distemper vaccine (or within 2 months) will be at a discounted price and the office visit fee will be waived.

Preventive care for your dog or cat may include:

*Chemistry tests:

To screen for kidney, liver, and pancreatic disease, as well as to check sugar levels.

*Complete blood count (CBC):

To rule out blood-related conditions.

*Electrolyte tests:

To ensure your pet is not dehydrated or suffering from an electrolyte imbalance.

*Thyroid test:

To determine if the thyroid gland is producing too little thyroid hormone (for dogs) or to much thyroid hormone (for cats).

*Urine tests:

To screen for urinary tract infections and other diseases, and to evaluate the kidneys’ ability to concentrate urine.